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Welcome to Wanderlust Adventure! We are a licensed trekking company dedicated to providing the best of services in trekking, mountaineering, and expedition in Nepal and its surrounding countries. With incredibly friendly and competent local staff who have decades of experience in trekking and with high quality equipment to boost, we guarantee you the best of traveling experience in this part of the world.

Nepal is a fabled Shangri-La, the land of myths and mountains, for millions of people all over the world. It is the home not only of Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, but of eight of the fourteen highest mountains in the world! It is also the birthplace of Buddha, the enlightened sage whose teachings continue to have profound impact on people all over the world. Apart from these fascinating facts, this country also boasts of treasuring 175 species of mammals, 600 species of butterflies, 50 species of moths, 180 species of dragonfly, 170 species of fishes, along with more than 5400 species of vascular plants (including 245 species of endemic plants and 700 species of medicinal plants). In addition to being blessed with natural wonders, this country is also known for its very warm and lovable people who have incredibly fascinating culture and customs. This is the homeland of various ethnic group such as Gurungs, Limbus, Bahuns, Chhettri and, ofcourse, the Sherpas, who are legendary for their courage and geniality. Foreigners visit this place as much as for its natural beauty as for its people and their culture.Our core motto is the ancient Sanskrit verse “Athiti Devo Bhavah’ (Guest is equal to God). Therefore, we treat our people like we treat our God, i.e., with sheer reverence and love. We understand that traveling to foreign countries, especially one so remote and different as Nepal, can be very demanding, both physically and mentally. Hence,we do our best to give our visitors the same kind of love and care as we give to our own family. 

We are an active member of Trekking Agents Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) and licensed by Ministry of Tourism, Government of Nepal which is further an additional benefits for peaceful travel with in Nepal. For us, trekking is not just a profession, but a passion. We are incredibly passionate and enthusiastic about traveling and adventuring, and we love to share this feeling with adventurers and explorers all over the world. With such credibility, passion, and experience, you can trust Wanderlust Adventure to provide you with the adventure of your lifetime.