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When to trek in Nepal ?

Determining the right time to travel is of utmost importance, especially in a country like Nepal where the climate vary drastically depending on the geography and the season. Therefore, you should be aware of the different kinds of seasons in Nepal and the pros and cons they entail.
The seasons in Nepal can be loosely divided into four main categories:
  • March – May: Spring season, usually warm and lush.
  • June – August: Summer season, usually hot and rainy (monsoon rain).
  • September – November: Autumn season, usually cool and clear skies (considered the best season for trekking in most part)
  • December – February: Winter season, usually very cold
September, October and November are usually the best months to trek in the Himalayas. The weather is generally moderate and pleasantly cool for walking. The sky is almost always clear (especially in October); so you’ll be able to get the best views of mountains and other sceneries. It can get a bit cold at night (especiallyat high altitudes), but not as severely cold as in winter. Since this is also the season of festivals, you will get to learn more about the culture and tradition of Nepalese people during this time than at other times.
December, January, and February are also considered to be good months for trekking in most parts of Nepal. However, paths at high altitudes (above 4000m) often get blocked by heavy snow around mid-November to mid-March. One must be armed with very warm clothes and accessories if one wants to travel in the high altitudes during this time.
March and Apriltend to be mildly warm at lower altitudes and moderate at regions above 4000m; therefore, this period is also considered to be conducive for trekking in Nepal. The paths, during this time, will usually be dry and dusty, but they will also be full of blooming wild flowers and greeneries.
May onwards it begins to get very hot and humid.June, July, and August are generally rainy. These are the months when Monsoon rain falls; therefore, the trails become very wet and slippery, making it very difficult and dangerous to walk. Hence, trekking in Nepal during this period is not recommended. However, this is an ideal time to trek in Tibet.