Nepal is the world’s second richest country in water resources. Although it is a landlocked country and there is no seas or oceans here, there are plenty of big rivers, lakes, ravines, waterfalls, etc. In fact, there are approximately 6,000 rivers in this small country. Most of the rivers flow from the Himalayas, and they are usually swift, dynamic, and powerful, making it ideal for rafting and kayaking.

Various companies offer different packages for rafting and kayaking in rivers such as Trisuli, Bhotekoshi, Seti, Kali Gandhaki, Marshyandi, Karnali, Sunkoshi, Arun, and Tamur. During the monsoon season (May, June, July), these river tend to be extremely high and rapid. Therefore, unless you are in the hands of experts or good rafting companies, rafting during this time is not recommended. Mid-October onwards the rivers calm down along with the weather, and is usually considered to be the best time for rafting and kayaking.

Wanderlust Adventure offers the following rafting packages: